Nuclear energy can help make the energy sector's journey away from fossil fuels faster and more secure. Only a nuclear power plant guarantees the ability to deliver huge amounts of clean energy at any time, in any weather. It also guarantees zero-emission energy and therefore can support crucial process of decarbonisation and the achievement of net zero emissions of greenhouse gases by mid-century.

In SGE we believe, that thanks to SMRs nuclear power can be reborn in a form that is still difficult to imagine today.

SMRs are generally considered reactor units with a 300 megawatt electrical output or less, or about one-third the size of a typical nuclear power plant. Due to their relatively small size, SMRs are predicted to be more affordable and safer than full-size reactors. According to the IAEA there are a further 70 projects being developed around the world.

However, we prefer technologies based on proven solutions and we want to deliver clean, nuclear energy to the grid as soon as possible, which is why we chose the BWRX-300 from GE Hitachi.