Hydrogen is the energy carrier of the future and nuclear energy can play a significant role into making it happen. Nuclear power plants and hydrogen production systems are well placed to provide nuclear energy with an economical advantage over traditional hydrogen production energy sources. 

To effectively develop and implement the BWRX-300 in other European countries, we have established joint venture company with GEH - BWRX Europe. While with PKN Orlen – the biggest oil&gas company in the CEE region, we have established a joint venture company ORLEN Synthos Green Energy, which is leading the deployment process in Poland. 

Nuclear and hydrogen are two pillars of the energy industry of the future.

We successfully participate in the European hydrogen project – Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI) aimed to support research and innovation and first industrial deployment in the hydrogen technology value chain. Our project has been approved by the European Commission within “IPCEI Hy2Tech” wave. The proposal - Development and demonstration of hydrogen generation technology based on high-temperature steam decomposition using zero emission energy resources - has been worked out together with partners from Poland and other countries.  Synthos Green Energy was responsible for the entire application preparation process, both at the national and the EU level.