Our story

Our journey started in 2019, when Michał Sołowow, the Polish tycoon and owner of the biggest privately held industry group in Poland, signed the agreement on development and deployment of the BWRX-300 – small modular reactor (SMR) has been developed by GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy. 

This was the first such agreement signed by GE Hitachi worldwide. Our further cooperation with the world’s leading nuclear company resulted in the signing of the agreement, which made Synthos Green Energy the exclusive partner of GE Hitachi in Poland.

Intensive development of BWRX-300 and changes in the approach to energy generation, including the revolution that has been initiated by the European Commission, made an increasing number of industrial entities representing several sectors keen to join our SMR revolution in Poland and beyond.

We have gained a superb partner in PKN Orlen – the biggest oil&gas company in the CEE region, and our vision of providing Poland with nuclear energy from a fleet of SMRs, with the first BWRX-300 delivering energy to the grid before the end of this decade is being realized together with PKN ORLEN, under the joint venture company ORLEN Synthos Green Energy. 

Another milestone for the successful deployment of the BWRX-300 fleet in Poland was achieved in Canada and the United States. Two energy utilities, both with extensive experience in nuclear energy, have recognized the BWRX-300 as the best possible option to develop their SMR projects. As a result, the first power plant with the BWRX-300 is expected to be ready in Darlington, Canada in 2028. This would be a reference project for our company and our partners.